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April 27th to 30th

Boston entrepreneurs are taking off to explore Strasbourg

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The Boston-Strasbourg Innovation Initiative aims at elevating the existing sister-city relationship between the two cities. This is achieved by adding a business and economic focus to help entrepreneurs bring innovations that matter to new markets more effectively, and to power up each ecosystem to continuously drive innovation excellence.

In April 2020, a group of 15 Boston organizations, startups CEOs looking to expand to the French and broader European regions, investors, ecosystem leaders and corporate executives will be exploring and evaluating market entry and investment opportunities in Strasbourg.


Two ecosystems enabling global innovation


Boston: Global Innovation Excellence


  • Boston is the historic home of the American revolution and of today’s technological (r)evolution.
  • A city that focuses on solving problems that matter: Healthcare, Climate change and more.
  • An ecosystem that values its diversity, entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and countries of origin.
  • An extraordinary city that houses some of the best and brightest minds on the planet.
  • The home of Harvard and M.I.T. as well as the some of the best incubators in the world
  • A proven track record of successfully bringing innovation to product companies and mind capital.
  • One of the largest Venture Capital community in the world, Boston is the launchpad to the world for technological innovations.


Strasbourg: Constitutional European Capital


  • The constitutional European capital, Strasbourg, France is the doorway through which companies can gain market access to Europe, including its many emerging countries.
  • Geographically located close to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, and a couple of hours away from Paris, Berlin and London.
  • Gateway to the $20 trillion European economy that includes as-yet-untapped economies, presenting immense opportunities for American entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Renowned as a center of excellence for healthcare and for a dedicated and passionate entrepreneurial community focused on solving pressing world issues similar to those we care about in Boston, including healthcare, climate change and more.

2020 Edition: Boston to Strasbourg


Enroll in this great program now to benefit from a unique opportunity to explore, evaluate and learn about strategies to successfully expand your business opportunities to the European region. 



February – March


Experts to help you prepare

Work with a team of expert to best prepare your exploration to ensure maximum results are delivered during and post program. Based on your customer needs and objectives that standard exploration will be customized to maximize your time in Strasbourg.





April 27th – 30th


Workshops, visits, meetings in Strasbourg

Participate in a unique curriculum that will provide you strategic contacts and insights to fully understand the approaches to take to successfully and more rapidly expand your business to Europe. Join a group of investors looking for local talents and technologies that are transforming healthcare.




Post Program


Maximize a new Strasbourg network

After the program, report on achievements and get post exploration support to transform your new strategies into firm realities. Benefit from economic incentives, local expertise and other opportunities to fully achieve your custom business objectives.