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The Boston-Strasbourg Innovation Initiative aims at elevating the existing sister-city relationship between the two cities. This is achieved by adding a business and economic focus to help entrepreneurs bring innovations that matter to new markets more effectively, and to power up each ecosystem to continuously drive innovation excellence.



Bringing Innovators Together


Boston: Global Innovation Excellence


  • Boston is the historic home of the American revolution and of today’s technological (r)evolution.
  • A city that focuses on solving problems that matter: Healthcare, Climate change and more.
  • An ecosystem that values its diversity, entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and countries of origin.
  • An extraordinary city that houses some of the best and brightest minds on the planet.
  • The home of Harvard and M.I.T. as well as the some of the best incubators in the world
  • A proven track record of successfully bringing innovation to product companies and mind capital.
  • One of the largest Venture Capital community in the world, Boston is the launchpad to the world for technological innovations.


Strasbourg: Constitutional European Capital


  • The constitutional European capital, Strasbourg, France is the doorway through which companies can gain market access to Europe, including its many emerging countries.
  • Geographically located close to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, and a couple of hours away from Paris, Berlin and London.
  • Gateway to the $20 trillion European economy that includes as-yet-untapped economies, presenting immense opportunities for American entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Renowned as a center of excellence for healthcare and for a dedicated and passionate entrepreneurial community focused on solving pressing world issues similar to those we care about in Boston, including healthcare, climate change and more.

2019 Edition: Strasbourg to Boston


Discover below our 3-phase 2019 program designed tailored  to help the most promising entrepreneurs from the Strasbourg area prepare themselves to explore, expand in the US leveraging opportunities to collaborate with new local partners and partner programs. Currently we are also identifying Boston’s companies to explore and expand from Strasbourg in 2020 to help these entrepreneurs as well as investors evaluate and learn about opportunities that exist currently in France and European Markets.





3 Month preparation

  • Executive Advisor driven curriculum
  • One on one weekly coaching sessions
  • Business and network expansion focused
  • US Market and investor readiness

+ Pre-departure readiness validation





September 25th – October 6th


10 Days in Boston and/or Strasbourg

  • Executive Advisors led workshops
  • Ecosystem Discovery and Exploration
  • Pitch day with venture capital experts
  • Focus on opportunity transformation

+ Post Exploration results review




Post Program


Implement your expansion strategy

  • Solidified and validated expansion plan
  • Teams  and partner programs to execute
  • Budgets finalized and executed on
  • Aligned funding strategies and partners

+ Results follow ups



Premium Partners

Partners from the private and public sectors are teaming up to help entrepreneurs achieve their moonshots